ADD Dance

This is a piece done using Reason. It had been a long time since I actually had done any electronic music and Reason was a quick an easy way to get something done. It’s a little limited in what it can do but the real-time aspect of computer music today makes it so much more fun to do!

Music has been a major interest of mine since I was a kid.  Below is a list of some of my compositions.  My more recent (and accessible) stuff can be found on  Below are older and more abstract electronic compositions.


Electronic Compositions


This piece was done entirely with an Arp Axe. Basically, I played several layers in real-time into a multitrack recorder with the Arp and then did a little editing afterwords.

Les Ondes Mathematique

This is an early piece done with Csound. All of the sound generated in the piece comes from a 30 second voice sample. The sample not only provides the audio content but also the control signal. I used the same technique to do Fugue.2


Done with Csound using a technique similar to “Les Ondes” but here the textures are continuous and evolve very slowly.  Inspired by Bach and Maldoror.

Released by Terre Thaemalitz and his company Comatones Recordings in 1995 on vinyl it contains:

  1. Fugue.2

  2. Les Ondes Mathematiques

  3. Stochastic Etude.1

more info here>>

Stocastic Etude

Done with Csound.  I can’t find the original files for this piece but I think it was don’t with a water sample and comb filters.

A Random Series of Characters

Done with Csound.  I have no recollection of what I was thinking here!


Feedback from a mic and a heavily modified vintage gibson tube amp.